Parmesan Thyme Scone

What I made: Parmesan Thyme Scone Original recipe or did I make it myself? I made it myself!  I adapted it from another scone recipe I already had. A savory scone for breakfast? Why not?  I was inspired by a scone from Wydown, a great little coffee shop near my house.  My bf/fiancé and I like to sit outside on the weekends, and have a little coffee and snack. I almost always get their parmesan and thyme scone.  It’s so yummy and delicious! So why make it yourself? I was having a lazy morning with the fam, and was in the mood to make breakfast at home.  Plus, I’m always looking for new ways to expand my 15yr old’s palette. So how did it turn out? Good.  The second time.  I made this once before, and the thyme flavor was nonexistent. I also had to play around with the amount of salt in the scones.  Since the cheese is already on the salty side, I didn’t need to add as much as I normally would. But did it taste good? Yep!  It didn’t taste like the scones from Wydown, but I loved my own version, and my son loved it too! Would you make it again? It’s already in my recipe binder.

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