DBGB – City Center

Where did you go?
DBGB – City Center

Breakfast? Brunch? Lunch? Happy Hour? Dinner?
Happy hour.   My friend and I were on our way to a play and were in the mood for apps that could pass for light dinner.

Do I have to dress up?
Nope.  It’s pretty casual.

French bistro fare

What did you have?
Tarte flambé
Charcuterie plate

Was it any good?
It was pretty good.  We started with the tarte flambé which was basically a flatbread with melted cheese, onion and ham. I love it when four simple ingredients can make something so yummy. But then again for me, when cheese is involved, I’m basically going to love it.

The main event for us was the charcuterie.  I love cured meats!  I wish I could tell you exactly what we had, but by the time our server described the last meat, I forgot the first one. Doesn’t matter, they were all good.  I’m not usually a pate or terrine girl, but I thought both were very, very good.  I will admit that my least favorite was the ham (top right corner).  It was ham, and I just had that on my flatbread. 

Would you go again?
Yes!  There is a croque monsieur on the menu that’s calling my name.

931 H Street, NW
Washington, DC


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