Lunch at NicolaPizza

Nicola Pizza

The calendar says fall, but the temperature here still says summer.  And that came in handy because it allowed me to road trip to the beach for the first and only time this year.  My bf and I decided to take a quick overnight trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware since I’ve never been. We hung out on the beach, walked along the boardwalk and ate lots of food (this lady can’t say no to a funnel cake). During one of our walks he spotted a sign for Nicola Pizza and said that we had to go.  He went a lot as a child and hadn’t been in years.  I obliged.

Nicola Pizza

It definitely looks like it hasn’t changed since it opened in 1971.  This is not a complaint.  I thought it was fun looking and I loved the cups they served soda in!  I thought the logo was pretty great. 

Nicola Pizza

What we had:
Mike-Arita Ville
Pepperoni Pizza

We sat down and checked out the menu. According to my bf, the menu hasn’t changed either.  While he strolled down memory lane, I checked out the drink specials and ordered the Mike-Arita Ville.  There wasn’t a drink description, but the menu did mention the drink coming in a frosted mug.  I wasn’t quite prepared for what was placed in front of me.

Nicola Pizza

I laughed when I saw the Mike’s bottle.  I thought the Mike-Aria Ville was named after one of the owners or family members!  I enjoyed it anyway.

Nicola Pizza

Nicola Pizza is famous for their Nic-O-Boli, so we had to order the classic.  It’s basically a large calzone filled with cheese and ground beef.  It sounds simple, but for such simple ingredients, it was very good and satisfying. It was like eating a free form cheese burger. Oh, cheese.  You never let me down.  We should’ve been stuffed from the Nic-O-Boli, but still found room for pizza.

Nicola Pizza

Nicola Pizza

I felt like I had to try it since I was there.  Who knows when I’ll be back.  We decided to keep it simple and ordered a pepperoni. It was a pretty standard pepperoni pizza.  Thick crust, mild sauce, lots of cheese and tasty pepperoni.  It was good, but I would argue to say that the Detroit pizza I grew up with was better, but it did have a nostalgic quality that I found very comforting.


Nicola Pizza
8 North 1st Street
Rehoboth Beach, DE


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  1. My husband corrected me and it never made it to the Post! Not embarrassing at all 🙂

  2. Mary Whalen says:

    Rehoboth Beach and Nicola Pizza are in Delaware.

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