Pizza at Faccia Luna

The bf and I stumbled onto Faccia Luna while looking for baking supplies next door at Williams Sonoma. I had just received a gift card, and was anxious to use it.  When my bf saw Faccia Luna, his face lit up, and mentioned that he was feeling a bit peckish, even though had we snacked before starting shopping.  I obliged, and we popped in with the intention of sharing a pizza, and having a beer.

When my bf and I first started going out, he mentioned that he loved pizza.  I didn’t know that it would rival the love that my son has for pizza, but now, I indeed have two pizza lovers in my life. Pizza at Faccia Luna looked pretty basic, not too flashy, and I expected to have a “decent” pizza experience.

What we had:
Genoa: pepperoni, Genoa salami
Florentine: fresh spinach, ricotta cheese

I wasn’t fully prepared for the delicious combinations that were before me. As I mentioned before, we were supposed to share, but he wanted all meat, and I was in a veggie mood.  I had the Florentine.  I was very, very, pleasantly surprised.  There was a ton of ricotta (not a complaint), and although the spinach was served with the full leaf, it was well cooked, and easy to bite into. Sometimes, you have spinach that takes forever to chew, and it drives me crazy.  The sauce was light, and the crust had a nice char with just the right amount of chewiness.

The bf had the Genoa. Even though I was in a veggie mood, I totally asked for a slice because it looked so good.  This one was another winner.  The genoa was mild, and the pepperoni a touch spicy, with plenty of cheese.  The only drawback was the oil factor, but that tends to happen when you have cured meats on your pizza.  If I were in NYC, the slice would simply be folded in half, and you would watch the oil drip onto your paper plate.  Or bag really.

I was so glad the bf was peckish, because I never would’ve picked this place on my own.  I also think his love of pizza is attaching itself to me.


📍Faccia Luna
     823 S Washington Street
    Alexandria, Virginia

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