Friday Things

Today’s pic was taken at Rehoboth Beach, MD just a couple of weeks ago.  It was my first and only chance to get to the beach this year.  There was a major storm the weekend the bf and I went, so we left a day early to make sure we’d get a little sun. 

We had a great time walking along the boardwalk, relaxing on the beach and eating lots of food!  I will share my food adventures soon. 

Now summer is over. Well, technically not, but will the first day of school approaching next week I’m definitely in “back to school” mode.  Lots of shopping for school supplies, updating uniforms, and thinking on new and interesting week nigh meals. I can’t wait to try my new salmon recipes on Miles!  It seems that a Cobb salad is in my future since he came home asking for one 😊

I’m also eagerly awaiting the solar eclipse on Monday! There will only be a slight chance of seeing it for about 1 minute here in DC, but I have my glasses ready!

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