Take Out Grilled Chicken: Farmbird

H Street in Northeast DC has been going through a growth spurt. In the past year, tons of new bars have opened, as well as apartment complexes, a Whole Foods, and fast casual eateries such as Farmbird. Farmbird is a grilled chicken spot that sources their menu items locally. And… they raise their chickens on an all-vegetarian diet.  I didn’t know they ate anything other than veggies! The bf, Miles, and I decided to give it a try, and got everything to go.



What we had:
Summer Corn salad
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Pulled Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

Let’s start with the chicken salad sandwich, which was Miles’ choice. It was simple and pure, consisting of nothing more than chopped chicken, avocado puree, romaine, and tomato.  He nixed the tomato, and asked for the bread to be toasted.  While he liked the sandwich, I needed to try it for myself.  It was pretty solid.  It was great as a sandwich, but I would even have it on its own as a salad.

I had the summer corn salad: pulled barbecue chicken, corn & tomatillo salad, pickled red onions, toasted bread crumbs, romaine, and buttermilk ranch dressing.

I thought this was a good choice for me since I wanted to keep it kind of light, but I really wanted to try the pulled bbq chicken.  I liked it on the salad.  I was hoping for a little more with the lettuce and dressing, which was a little thin, but still tasty.  The chicken had a nice smoky and sweet flavor, the corn & tomatillo was a nice touch, and you can’t go wrong with pickled red onions; or pickled anything for that matter.


The bf had the pulled barbecue chicken sandwich: pulled barbecue chicken and pickled vegetables.

At first it didn’t look like much, but was very filling.  The bread was toasted and chewy, and the pickled veggies (yum) blended well with the chicken. 

I love to see new GOOD places in the neighborhood, and we’ve added this to our Friday rotation list, as we are finally breaking away from “Pizza Friday”.

     625 H St NE
    Washington, DC 20002


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