Friday Things

Today’s pic is of Cedar Grove, a historic home in Fairmount Park Philadelphia, PA.  This was the last kid free weekend for the bf and I, so we went to Philly for a quick overnight trip.  Mostly to eat.  And we did take time to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  If you haven’t been, it’s a great museum!  They have a two day pass for $20 that will allow you entry to the main museum, Rodin Museum, Cedar Grove and Mount Pleasant (another historic home currently closed for renovation).

While it’s been a great three weeks, I can’t wait to have my little big guy back this weekend.  We’ll have about a week and a half together before school starts.  It’s starting so early this year!

Back to Philly, I can’t wait to share my food reviews with you!  I feel like I spent most of my time eating Philly cheesesteaks (kinda addicted to them), but we did have a nice night out at Harp and Crown. We also took advantage of the daily happy hour at our hotel.  The Kimpton Hotel Palomar may become our go-to hotel while we’re there.  

Since the bf and I have been together, we’ve eaten at so many places that we’re thinking of starting our own blog to share our dining experiences.  We’re also going to start taking day trips when we can find cheap flights so perhaps it will be a travel and food blog.  Stay tuned!

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