Cava Grill

I’ve been to Cava Grill at least five times now, so if you think I like it, you’re right!  Cava Grill is a spin-off of Cava Mezze, a great greek small plates spot with a solid happy hour menu with locations in DC, northern VA and a few cities in MD.  About a year ago they opened Cava Grill a fast-casual version with locations in DC, VA, NYC and LA.

Cava Grill

I will admit, the menu is a little daunting.  There is so much to choose from!  You start with either a salad, grain bowl, greens and grains or pita. I almost always go with the greens and grains bowl. From there you choose dips and spreads, a protein ranging from falafel to braised lamb, your choice of 14 toppings (as many as you like), and then a dressing. Of course, I always accept the warm pita when it’s offered. And they best part is that it’s only $9.37. Honestly, that’s a little steep for me for everyday lunching, but it’s very filling, so filling that you may skip dinner, or at the very least have an evening nosh.

I tend to get the same toppings as I don’t go very often and I like my own little combo, but I will mix it up with the proteins.  Below are the concoctions I’ve come up with so far. All have been delicious and so pretty!

Visit One:

Cava Grill

Greens with one spoonful of rice, crazy feta (jalapeno infused feta), tzatziki, grilled chicken, pickled onions, diced cucumber, crumbled feta, kalamata olives with a lemon herb tahini dressing.

Visit Two:

Greens + grains, tazatziki, crazy feta, roasted red pepper hummus, grilled chicken, pickled onions, diced cucumber, kalamata olives, crumbled feta, with a yogurt dill dressing. Ok, so it wasn’t a big stretch from the first, but still delicious.

Visit Three:

Cava Grill

Greens + grains with crazy feta, tzatziki, roasted red pepper hummus, braised beef, pickled onions, kalamata olives, and diced cucumber. You can see that I have a few staples every time.

Visit Four:

Cava Grill

Salad with grilled chicken, red pepper hummus, tzaziki, eggplant + red pepper dip, pickled onions, crumbled feta, kalamata olives, and yogurt dill dressing.

Visit Five:

Cava Grill

Greens + grains with roasted red pepper hummus, harissa, tzatziki, braised lamb, pickled onions, kalamata olives, diced cucumber and lemon herb tahini dressing.

The combo on my 5th visit may be my favorite. It was a bit spicy with the harissa, but that lamb was divine 🙂 I hate mixing up my bowl when it’s time to eat.  I would highly recommend trying Cava Grill for lunch. It will make you happy and keep you going for the rest of the day.


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