Earlier this month, my job posted an article titled “The 40 most essential D.C. restaurant dishes of 2017”. I always make note of such articles. I like to pat myself on the back occasionally when I see that I’ve eaten or tried about a third of whatever’s listed. As I scrolled through this article, nodding yes or no to myself, I abruptly stopped on the prettiest thing.  It was called the “Hot Mess” from Frankly…Pizza! I won’t even say what it is yet, but if you know me, you can already guess. I told Miles I was going to take him there for lunch on his actual birthday, as he had a big party with an Overwatch cake the day before.

We made the schlep, nee, drive all the way to Kensington, Maryland, which felt like the other side of the world from DC. I can show you a snapshot of the route Apple Maps gave us to prove it. By the time we arrived, we were starving, and luckily there wasn’t a wait. We took a look at the menu, although we already knew what we were getting. But at the last second, I changed my mind, and got something different. No regrets.


Miles went for it, and ordered the Hot Mess. It is 11 inches of hearth baked dough, topped with mozzarella, caramelized onions, house-made bacon, gruyere, and romano cheeses.  He nixed the pickled jalapeños.


We agreed that we would give each other a slice of pizza, but when I asked him for my slice, he only offered me a bite, and a small one at that! It was yummy in my tummy good. The dough was charred and chewy, the cheese bursting with flavor, the caramelized onions sweet, and the bacon, oh my…, the bacon. It was thick cut and delicious. You didn’t think about the fact that you were eating a white pie, and the red sauce wasn’t missed at all.


I had the Spinach pizza, which was another white pie topped with mozzarella, fresh garlic, caramelized onions, spinach, gruyere, lemon, and romano cheese. Again, another winner. It was scrumptious. I loved the fresh garlic with the caramelized onions, and the crust was perfectly charred. My only criticism, and I’m being very nit-picky, is that the spinach would’ve been better chopped, as spinach can be difficult to chew.

We tore through our pizzas, but then hit a wall just before the last slice. We were so full; it was a struggle to even finish the third slice. As we boxed up our single slices to take home, Miles leaned over the table and whispered, “This was worth the drive”.  It definitely was. I’m already looking forward to going back with the bf to get my own Hot Mess. And maybe try a red pie too.

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  1. We love pizza in our home! I’m not so sure our kids would go for the veggie pizzas, but I would. The Spinach pizza looks delicious!

  2. I was very pleasantly surprised too!

  3. Yes! It’s made in a brick oven. I’m going back there this weekend to get a Hot Mess just for myself

  4. Do they make it in a brick oven? The pizza looks amazing from the crust to the toppings! I would love to try this place out! I love the name too!

  5. That looks so good. I really want one of these now!

  6. If the pizza looks this amazing, then it’s definitely worth the trip! I’ve never been here before and I love that they’re so generous with the toppings and all that. It’s a good place to get some awesome pizza!

  7. Bacon is the way to my heart, but the spinach was delicious.

  8. You literally had me at Pizza … being preggo and craving … I love to try and check out new dishes. This pizza looks so yummy.

  9. Ricci says:

    Frankly Pizza sounds and looks amazing!! I would love to try this pizza one day!!

  10. Mm, the pizza looks good. My husband loves charred and chewy crusts. The Spinach pizza is interesting.

  11. Eloise says:

    that pizza looks perfect for me! I’d love to sink my teeth into one of those slices ; ) I really like pizza with all the right ingredients as well as amount of topping they put on, looks like this place knows how to make a yummy pie!

  12. Mimi Green says:

    I might need to eat my away around the city as well. I love the idea of working off a list and trying places out one by one. Babe and I would have fun doing this. I love pizza, these look delicious.

  13. I would love to make this at home!

  14. I was mostly partial to red sauce, but now I don’t need any sauce if the toppings are solid 🙂

  15. OMG, it was sooo good and spinach is awesome. In small bites 🙂

  16. tamaralikecamera says:

    Mm.. look at that crust! This looks SO GOOD. I think I’m with you about the spinach. Maybe more diced would have been perfect.

  17. That pizza looks so good! I LOVE rustic pizza like this. You just can beat it with any other kind. OM nom nom.

  18. Mary Edwards says:

    Now this looks like REAL italian pizza. Our family loves the white pizza. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese please. Red sauce optional!

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