Casa Luca

I was given a very generous gift card for Casa Luca for my birthday by my boss. It was actually good for any of Fabio and Maria Trabocchi’s restaurants, but I’ve heard so much about this family-style Italian eatery, that I wanted to go. When I made the reservations online, I mentioned that I received a gift card for my birthday, even though it was over a month ago. I was curious to see if we would get any perks.

Casa Luca

My bf and I were seated in the front of this smallish restaurant, but still near the window.  Dusk was just setting in (nothing like a good summer sunset), and it was very pretty.  We started with a bottle of wine (I let the server choose) and perused over the menu. Our goal was to indulge, and try every course on the menu, with the exception of salad. 😊 While we were trying to decide what to order, an amuse bouche (happy mouth) was presented to start off our meal. It was fresh tuna, with a little Dijon, and roe.  Neither of us is fans of sushi, and has never tried roe, but down the hatch it went! It wasn’t as bad as I imagined.  Actually, it was quite tasty.

Casa Luca

For our first course, we ordered the burrata with sweet corn. Burrata was something else I knew was all the rage, but still hadn’t tried. It was served in full form on top of roasted sweet corn puree, whole kernels with edible flowers, and greens.  I loved the flavor of the cheese, but I needed to come to terms with the texture. Admittedly, I have texture issues, though my bf does not, and he happily finished most of it.

Casa Luca

As I mentioned, we skipped the salad course and moved on to the pasta. We shared the lobster gnocchi fra diavolo.  Everything here is meant to be shared, something I was skeptical of at first (think small plates), but the portions were truly family size and generous.  Each of us had a full plate of pasta. Also, it was delicious.  The lobster was tender, the gnocchi soft, and the tomato sauce freshly made, light, and creamy.  I had a very amused bouche at this point.  But it was time for the main course.

Casa Luca

I had the fisherman snapper served in a light tomato broth with fresh mussels and clams. When I saw the bowl I thought it would be impossible to finish, but I pushed through this delectable bowl. The snapper was cooked perfectly, and the clams and mussels were very fresh.  The only thing missing was bread. I could’ve sat with a loaf of Italian bread and spent the evening dipping it in the broth.  My bf had Giuseppe grilled pork belly and sweet sausage.  I really wanted to take a picture of his dish, but I resisted and tried to capture it from my seat.  It was soooooo yummy. The pork belly was meaty, and slightly sweet.  I’m glad that I ordered the fish, but I really wanted to help him with his dish too.

Before we could look at the dessert menu, we were presented with a little tiramisu, compliments of Casa Luca’s.  My server didn’t say that it was for my birthday, but we assumed so.  Either way, we devoured this classic light and delicious dessert, and decided to have a little night cap.

Casa Luca

And by night cap, we shared a bourbon flight.  I won’t go into detail trying to describe it because I wouldn’t be able to do them justice. I can say that we enjoyed the last one so much that we each ordered another round of our favorite as a night cap, night cap. What a lovely evening.  We easily doubled the value of the gift card, but it was well worth it.

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