Friday Things

Friday Things

This picture sums up my week. My son turned our modest living room into a gaming room for his birthday party. I had eight boys playing in three areas for about eight hours.I mean, they weren’t playing video games eight hours straight, but they were over for about eight hours.They had a great time, and my son had a great birthday.

Other than dealing with unbearable humidity and daily threats of rain, it’s been relatively quiet.I’m transitioning now from the end of the school year to summer school, to sending my son off to his dads for about a month. And trying to enjoy the second day of summer.

Last night I saw Rent! It’s the twentieth anniversary of the musical and it was playing for one week only in DC. I missed seeing it on stage and the movie version. It was great! I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner.

The limoncello I started a couple of weeks ago is coming along nicely. I think. I hope! I’ve never even had limoncello before and I have no idea if I’m making it correctly. I can’t wait to try it! In the meantime, I’m still cranking out lemon based recipes from all of the leftover lemons.

This weekend, I’m going to be doing a little summer cleaning in the kitchen, so it’s going to be like playing Iron Chef in my own house as I try to find recipes for random ingredients that are approaching their expiration date πŸ™‚


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