The Pursuit Wine Bar

The Pursuit Wine Bar

The other night I was able to catch up with an old friend. Since both of us ended up working late, we decided to meet at my house and grab a drink in the neighborhood. My friend is really into wine now, so I suggested The Pursuit Wine Bar. I almost forgot about the place because it’s at the end of the main “strip”, so this was my first time.

When we entered, there was only a bar with a hi-top table in the front window with a reserved sign. The bartender said we could sit there since the bar was crowded. I immediately noticed that everyone at the bar had bingo cards and I asked the bartender if they were indeed playing bingo. He replied, “yes, it’s bingo night”. I broke out in a huge grin. I secretly love bingo. My folks and I used to go to the bingo halls in Windsor, ON. It was pretty hardcore. But back to Pursuit.

The Pursuit Wine Bar

We came in at round four, ordered a glass of wine and started playing.

The Pursuit Wine Bar

We started off with an appetizer of garlic and lemon herb shrimp. Boy was it yummy. I’m definitely from the group of “there’s no such thing as too much garlic” and there was plenty of it here. The shrimp were large and cooked to perfection. I also ate most of the bread dipping it in the lemon olive oil and white wine sauce.

The Pursuit Wine Bar

My friend ordered the flap steak with shaved brussels sprouts and blue cheese. He’s not really a fan of brussels sprouts, so he took the steak off the plate and let me have the sprouts. I thought the steak was going to be on a modest bed of brussels sprouts, but no, this was almost like another salad. Can you guess who ate it all? This lady.

The Pursuit Wine Bar

The Pursuit Wine Bar has quickly become my new neighborhood favorite, and not just for bingo night.


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