A friend of mine from work and I went to see Fun Home, a musical playing at the National Theatre downtown. The musical started at 7:30, so we wanted to find a place between the office and the theatre for a little happy hour. We were both in the mood for Mexican, and I saw that MXDC was on the way, and seemed to have a pretty decent happy hour menu.

We arrived about an hour into happy hour and the bar area was already packed, with a 30-minute wait for a high-top table. We only had about 35-40 minutes before the play started, so we chose to sit in the dining area, but let our server know that we were in a bit of a hurry.  I was slightly put off by the menu because it seemed a little pricey for Mexican.  Granted, it was slightly food forward Mexican, but $14 for three tacos?  Sigh. 


Anyway, I started the evening off with a classic margarita on the rocks with no salt.  It was pretty good. You could tell it was made with fresh lime and not from a mix.  Ok, so what else ya got?


We shared an order of guacamole which was silky smooth, perfectly salted, and had a little chili oil on top. That was a winner. We ran out of chips a couple of times trying to finish the guacamole, while also trying to be polite so as not to eat more than the other. Still, there was a fight to the finish.


For the tacos, I chose the carne asada, pollo, and pork adobo. Three classics.  They were all good, but the pork adobo was my favorite. I loved the sweetness from the pineapple.  The asada was very good too. I liked the addition of the pickled red onion, though I love just about anything pickled.  The pollo, was ok, but a little straight forward.



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  1. I agree. But I would definitely go for happy hour where the prices are much better.

  2. Dustin says:

    A margarita with real lime juice always does the trick! But this place sounds very overpriced for “straight forward” Mexican.

  3. lifestylehunter1 says:

    Cool post! I’m mexican and I’m currently living in Mexico City so it’s interesting to see 3 tacos for $14 USD when you can find them here for $3 USD , although they look very tasty :p!

  4. sunshineandholly says:

    Ok – first thing – I LOVE the name of your blog! So great! Second – this post is making me so, so hungry. We’ve got two young kids, so going out to eat is never fun, but we might have to brave it tonight because now I’m seriously craving some tacos and guac. YUM!

  5. I love Mexican food period. Fortunately, I have not ran into any restaurants that I was displeased with. I probably would judge the whole place just by their guacamole. It just has to be perfectly salty☺

  6. Melissa says:

    I’ve never been but it looks good! Might need to go check it out! Thanks for the recommendation

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