English Muffins

English Muffins

English Muffins

English Muffins

English Muffins

English Muffins

I’ve had an English muffin bread recipe sitting around for a while now that I’ve never been motivated to try, and I’ve realized that it’s because I really want to make English muffins. Most of the recipes I found showed English muffins that looked like they came from the market, fully of nooks and crannies. Since I’ve had success in the past with bagels and soft pretzels, I was really looking forward to this.

I debated for a while on whether or not to use the recipes that called for butter or shortening, or milk or buttermilk. I went with butter and buttermilk. The dough was very easy and quick to put together. You’re supposed to roll the dough out to ¾ inch thick and then let it sit to rise. This seemed kinda thick to me, so I rolled it out to about ¼ inch thick.

My eyes widened with excitement as they browned in the pan. They were starting to look like real English muffins.  I was surprised at how high there were. I bet they would’ve been huge if I rolled them out to ¾ inch thick!

I moved the first batch from the pan to the baking sheet and put them in the oven. When they came out there were golden brown instead of pale, but not overcooked. I took one and pulled it apart, and it pulled apart like bread and looked dense like a hearty loaf of bread instead of being light with nooks and crannies. I decided to cook the 2nd batch on the stove for a couple of minutes longer and then only bake them for about 5 minutes. It didn’t seem to make a difference to how well they cooked on the inside (they were still done), but they weren’t as golden on the outside. I think the markets have me conditioned to wanted pale English muffins. I cut one open this time and put it in the toaster and slathered it with butter. It was good. It tasted like a real English muffin! And now I have leftovers for breakfast during the week.

English muffins

  • 4 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 ¼ teaspoons salt
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 ¼ teaspoons instant yeast (one packet)
  • 1 ¾ cups buttermilk (room temperature)
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter (softened)
  • 1 egg (lightly beaten)
  • corn meal (for dusting)
  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, whisk together flour, salt, sugar, baking soda and yeast. Add the room temperature buttermilk, butter and egg. Add kneading attachment and mix on medium-high speed for about 5 minutes until dough begins to pull from the sides and is smooth and shiny.

    Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Dough will be quite soft and a bit damp. Roll out to 1/8 inch thickness and cut rounds using a 3 ¾ inch biscuit or circle cutter, re-rolling scraps as needed.

    Dust a baking sheet generously with cornmeal. Move dough rounds to baking sheet then flip rounds over so that both sides are dusted with cornmeal. Cover the dough with plastic wrap or a light towel. Allow dough to rise at warm room temperature until puffed up but not doubled in size, about 30 minutes.

    Preheat oven to 350°F. Place a nonstick pan over low heat. Cook each muffin round 4-6 minutes per side in the skillet, until crisp and browned. Transfer muffins back to baking sheet and finish cooking in preheated oven for 5 minutes. Remove from oven and cool slightly.

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18 Comments Add yours

  1. I love a good English muffin! These look great!

  2. Julia,
    You were correct! I was missing the last paragraph. I just updated and the full recipe should appear now. Hope it turns out for you!

  3. The instructions in the recipe are missing I think. Recipe ends on letting the dough rise. Do you cook them on the stove or oven and if oven then what temperature? They look really cool and I’d love to try them

  4. Kate says:

    These look so delicious! I was planning on making english muffins this week, actually. 🙂

  5. pepperspennies says:

    Homemade English Muffins sounds like the perfect rainy Sunday morning project! I love your photography style, too! Very bright yet elegant!

  6. These look better than store-bought! YUM! I love English muffins, I’ll definitely give this recipe a go. Hopefully my version won’t look like one of those Pinterest fail pins haha!

  7. Kiwi says:

    These are homemade. They look so perfect i thought they were definitely store bought. I never thought one could make English Muffins from scratch at home like this.

  8. Jen T says:

    Your story was so entertaining to read! I am astonished how you just know what different things you know to do from being a good cook (like making them so much thinner and changing the baking times). So, I just shared the to my facebook page because I am going to attempt to make these tomorrow. We eat a LOT of english muffins in our house and having fresh ones might be awesome. 🙂

  9. theterrificfive says:

    Wow you made your own English muffins! I am impressed! I haven’t eaten English muffins in a long time, this reminds me to have some for breakfast again! Maybe I will make my own as well!

  10. I saw these and my eyes grew wide open! They look so good – I can’t believe they’re homemade. Thanks for the tip on rolling them out thinner. I’ve always wanted to make these at home, but thought it might be too complicated. Definitely going to give it a whirl!

  11. Becky Willis says:

    I love that you made your own English Muffins. I was going to try it once but the recipe seemed confusing or possibly it was the ingredients. I will bookmark yours and see if I can’t make them too. I do agree I think store bought ones make you expect them to be a certain way, but homemade has to be better hands down.

  12. My husband is a huge fan of english muffins. He could eat them every morning for breakfast for a week. I am totally going to try this recipe because I never made them from scratch. It’s actually easier than I thought.

  13. Donah @ SJB says:

    The first I look upon reading recipes is the Ingredients, It is the most hard to find. I am happy upon stumbling on yours, these are some basics found in every kitchen. This is worth-trying!

  14. Jennifer says:

    YOU made your own English muffins!! I am in awe of you. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought to try this. I bet they were heavenly. I bet your house also smelled amazing while they were cooking. Go you!

  15. I love english muffins and haven’t made homemade ones in years! I think it’s time to make some more so will try your recipe

  16. lecypoore says:

    I’ve never thought about trying to make my own English muffins before, but they look great! I’ll have to try your recipe. 🙂

  17. Amanda Kruse says:

    I haven’t had english muffins in forever! These look so good!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  18. tvdh says:

    These look perfect! A great idea for Easter!

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