Friday Things

Friday Things | 040717

Today’s pic is a good representation of how my week has been.  

  1. I’ve trying to go back to my “better” eating habits after being on a foodcation (hoping to coin that word) while I was in NYC and enjoying my son’s spring break.  And by enjoying his spring break I mean not turning on the stove or oven and eating whatever I want.
  2. I’ve also been chained to my desk for more of the week. For some reason, it’s been a very busy week at the office where I’ve been spending most of my lunch hour at my desk.
  3. This blog has kept me busy this week.  I’m really trying to stay ahead of my posts.  I’ve also joined a few more blog support groups and so I trade in my work laptop for my home laptop and spend most of my evening hours working on my groups.  This is not a complaint.

I’m hoping this will be a good weather weekend because I’m really looking forward to taking a break from spring cleaning and going for a nice long walk.

And I’m looking forward to trying out Colada Shop and getting a yummy cuban sandwich!


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