Tre | NYC

We began our first afternoon in New York with lunch at Sweet Chick and dessert at Levain Bakery, so we were still full around dinner time and didn’t become hungry again until around 9 pm. Our original goal was to head to Brooklyn for dinner, but we were feeling lazy from our walk (we basically walked back to the lower east side from the upper west side stopping in mid-town to visit MOMA) and decided to eat around the hotel. My friend was in the mood for Italian so we walked around for a bit and found Tre. It was right across the street from where we had lunch!

Tre | NYC

Tre was tiny, yet cozy and packed. We were told there was going to be a 20 min wait, so we sat at the bar and ordered a glass of wine. When the wine arrived our table was ready and we were seated at the only window table. There’s always a debate over whether or not it’s a good place to sit. Depending on the door location, it can be a little drafty, especially if it’s chilly out, but we were lucky.

I really wanted to order pasta, but I was still feeling a bit full from lunch, so I ordered a series of side dishes for dinner. I have a tendency to do this.  I started off with the brussels sprouts. I literally can’t resist ordering them whenever I see them on the menu. The brussels sprouts were served with caramelized onion and pancetta. 

Tre | NYC

Sorry about the lackluster picture. It’s so hard to take non-flash pics with dim lighting with my iPhone. The sprouts were boiled and not roasted (something so popular now I’ve become accustomed to), to they were a bit softer than I would like, but they were still tasty. You can never go wrong with a little pancetta.  I then moved on to the baked baby eggplant.

Tre | NYC

It was covered in smoked mozzarella, tomato and basil. It was fantastic!  I wish I ordered a dinner sized portion. The sauce tasted like it was made just before coming to my table, the mozz was nice and smoky and the eggplant was firm, just the way I like it. Time to finish things off with the roasted peppers with capers, parsley and black olives.

Tre | NYC

This dish would’ve made a great appetizer. I sprinkled Parmesan on top and ate it with bread. We ordered a bottle of wine with dinner (or two!), so I snacked on this for the rest of the evening. It was another great evening out.

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