Kentucky Bourbon Cake

Kentucky Bourbon Cake

Kentucky Bourbon Cake

Kentucky Bourbon Cake

Kentucky Bourbon Cake

A co-worker brought in her copy of Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson It’s a great recipe book full of old timey recipes that have been slightly updated (I’ve already ordered a copy). While flipping through the pages, I kept coming back to the Kentucky Bourbon Cake recipe. I don’t know, maybe it’s from my love of a good bourbon cocktail, but I really wanted to make this cake. I also had pretty bundt pan that doesn’t get much use and I wanted to show it a little love.

This cake was fantastic!! It was dense like a pound cake, but still light and airy. The cake itself had just a hint of bourbon flavor, but as you ate your way to the edge, the soaked bits of cake came into play making my taste buds very happy. At no point are you overwhelmed by whiskey, just happy and satisfied. Day two was even better than day one. By day three, the bourbon flavor began to dissipate, but it left a slightly caramel flavor behind, which was very nice. Can you tell that the cake never made it to the office?

My only snag with the cake was the glaze. I think I cooked it a little too long making it a little on the thicker than I think it should be. You’re supposed to poke holes in the bottom of the cake and let the glaze soak in. My glaze didn’t get much further than Β½ an inch in, so my glaze was basically only around the edges. Luckily, it wasn’t enough to make me disappointed about the cake. I still loved/love it!

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  1. I’ve never tried a recipe with bourbon before but this cake looks so soft and tasty! Hope you’ll have better luck with the glaze next time, they can be a pain in the ass!

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