Friday Things

Ragnar Kjartansson Exhibit | Hirshhorn

This week’s Friday Things pic is from the Ragnar Kjartansson exhibit at the Hirshhorn last month. During the length of the exhibit, various musicians stood on a rotating pedestal and played a single note for at least an hour at a time.

What a week! The publisher’s assistant went on vacation this week, so I had to sub for her. Let’s just say he kept me very, very busy! I’m definitely feeling like TGIF.

I also had a comedy of errors in the kitchen. I was going to finally make a grilled cheese with peppers with the queso fresco I had left over, but when I grabbed the package, the cheese was covered in mold! Ugh, oh well, I still had some provolone and kimchi that I was saving for another recipe tried to make a grilled cheese with kimchi, but when I grabbed the loaf of bread there were only two end pieces left! Oy! I managed to make a killer grilled cheese (which I will post at some point), but that left Miles with hamburger buns and eggs for breakfast. Guess I will be off to the market early in the morning.

I’m pretty excited about seeing Moonlight this weekend and even more excited to check out the Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Hirshhorn by Yayoi Kusama. It took two weeks for me to get the tickets, but I’m going Sunday. I hear it’s an amazing exhibit and also a selfie lovers paradise.

I’m hoping to get a little baking in too. There’s a Bourbon cake recipe calling my name!

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