I have a friend who loves pizza, so I’ve been trying a few different pizza spots lately.  Last week we went to Menomale for lunch in Brookland.  I’m really starting to like this area of northeast DC.  It’s a small area, but there are a few hidden gems within.  I miss the days of finding little out of the way spots and I was happy to find this one.

The restaurant is very small and covers maybe two small storefronts.  When you walk into the front door, you are immediately in front of a counter where the chef is preparing dough, pizzas and other dishes in front of a huge brick (maybe clay?) oven. It smelled heavenly.

Menomale | DC  
We sat in the next room which was small, yet cozy and had marble tiled tables.  We both ordered beers: I the hefeweizen (so light and fruity) and he had the Rasputin (a dark stout).

Menomale | DC
Next on the agenda was a salad to share to go along with the pizza.  I wanted to keep it simple, so I ordered a mixed green salad with a light vinegarette topped with diced fennel.  How I love fennel!  This salad really hit the spot.

Now for the main event.  The pizza.  We were able to compromise on a white pizza topped with fresh mozzarella, pancetta, and porcini mushrooms.  I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms (love the flavor, not the texture).  The pizza was served unsliced but came with a pair of scissors allowing us to cut the pie ourselves.  How novel!  The pizza was great.  All of the flavors were subtle, the mushrooms melted like butter and the crust.  Oh boy the crust.  I had a nice char, and wasn’t crispy at all, but rather soft and chewy and tasted like awesome baked bread.

When we were walking out, I noticed the server carrying two plates with sandwiches (maybe?) that was made with the pizza dough.  It was round and looked fantastic.  Now I have to make another trip to try a sandwich, but I may have to get a pizza too!

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