Room 11

I originally intended to go to Room 11 for New Year’s Eve. It was the only place in town that didn’t have a prefix, VIP pricing or took reservations. Exactly what I was looking for. But I ended up staying home (happily) and rescheduled for the other night.

Room 11

I loved how dim and cozy the place was. Of course, the dim lighting would make pic taking a little challenging, but it was a great atmosphere. If there was one drawback, it would be that the door is located in such a way that no matter where you sit in the front room, you will feel a breeze whenever the door opens and the night I went, it was a little breezy. No worries though. I ordered mulled wine to warm me up.

Room 11

I don’t usually have a starter with dinner, but since there were brussels sprouts on the menu, I had to order them. I wonder how long my brussels sprouts phase will last! The sprouts were roasted with walnuts, a bay leaf, and fig jam. While I fully expected the fig jam to be similar to the jar I buy at Whole Foods, I enjoyed this less sweet earthly, paste-like jam. It was more like a spread than jam. Very tasty.

Room 11

While everything on the menu looked pretty good, I couldn’t resist getting the burger. I think they had me at bacon. Or it could’ve been the cheddar, caramelized onion, and bbq sauce. This was a great burger. I don’t think I put it down after picking it up for the first bite. I’m pretty sure I remember eating my side salad with my left hand. The burger had a nice char and was juicy and flavorful. I was lucky that the burger came with salad and not French fries. That left room for dessert!

Room 11

My friend and I shared the apple tart which I asked to have heated, but it was only room temp when it arrived. I love a nice hot slice of pie with a melty scoop of ice cream. The tart was good, but for me, there’s nothing better than a homemade apple pie.

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