Melt Kraft

Melt Kraft | Philly

I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches. I was in Philly last week with a friend and he found Melt Kraft for me. Since we just arrived in town and were a bit peckish, this was the perfect place to start for our Philly adventure. And it was just a block away from the hotel!

Melt Kraft | Philly

The menu was small which I appreciated. I think if you offer too many selections, the quality of the sandwich may suffer. And its’ grilled cheese. Sometimes you need to keep it simple. All of the sandwiches were pressed, which I didn’t mind and were served with chips.

Melt Kraft | Philly

My friend went with The Classic which was three valley shepherd cheeses. Nice and simple. The cheese oozed out of the bread and looked heavenly. It was a pretty solid sandwich.

Melt Kraft | Philly

I ordered the Somerset which was gruyere (one of my favorite cheeses for grilling), ham, cornichon pickles and whole grain mustard. To me, it was like take on the croquet monsieur. This was a good sandwich. While I didn’t really notice the mustard too much, I did like the acidity of the pickles with the cheese and ham. My sandwich was oozy too. There were lots of smiles while eating this grilled cheese. I can see why it was a local favorite.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Greta says:

    Girl I love a good grilled cheese sandwich too! This is making me so hungry!

    Greta |

  2. 1writeraround says:

    I LOVE IT! I have always loved grilled cheese sandwiches, but I forget that we can think outside the traditional box and create grilled cheese masterpieces like this one!

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