Friday Things

What a week it’s been!  Miles was supposed to travel to his dad’s for Christmas, but he caught a bug and is now staying with me.  I, on the other hand, was supposed to travel to my parents’ house for Christmas, but instead, I frantically ran around town, while trying to put in a few hours at work and take care of a sick kid, buying a tree, stockings, plants etc to make my house festive. 

I offered to go out and buy a tall tree, like the one we had when we still lived in Chicago, but he said it was ok to buy a smaller tree, so I went out and bought this one from Whole Foods.  We still had fun decorating it.  I already have plans to make his favorite breakfast (breakfast bread) on Christmas Eve, and I have all the fixins’ ready for our traditional cinnamon roll Christmas morning breakfast.

This has been the perfect example of what happens when life throws you a curve ball.  One canceled and rescheduled flight, rescheduled parenting holiday time, and overnighting Christmas presents from my parents later, we’ve adapted and made the best of an unfortunate situation.  Now to finally rid Miles of this virus before his flight!

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday. Cherish your families and give them lots of hugs!!

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