On Rye

I love corned beef sandwiches! I grew up eating them as a kid in Detroit. It’s funny, as a local there are a few things Detroit is known for food-wise, in my opinion: Buddy’s pizza, coney island hot dogs, and corned beef.

I’m always on the lookout for a good corned beef shop, so I was pretty excited when On Rye opened. Miles and I were actually there the second day they opened. We went to see Dr. Strange at the movie theater next door and decided to pop into On Rye for an after movie nosh.
Miles was excited to see the cans of Dr. Browns and I was excited to see black and white cookies on the menu. And then we ordered. No black and white cookies!!!! They hadn’t anticipated selling out so quickly. The offered me a slice of chocolate babka, but I just recently made a loaf and wasn’t in the mood.

On Rye | Chinatown, DC

I did settle on the corned beef Reuben. It was pretty tasty. The corned beef was pretty lean (could’ve been a titch leaner), the kraut tasted freshly made and who wouldn’t love Russian dressing? I also loved that it was a pressed sandwich and not just toasted bread. It made the Swiss nice and melty. It definitely satisfied my Reuben craving.

On Rye | Chinatown, DC

Miles went with the chicken salad. I’m not really a fan of mayo-based “salads” but I tried a bite of his. It was delicious! The chicken was chopped finely and there wasn’t too much mayo. And the bread was appropriately toasted. He also had a Dr. Browns cream soda.

Looks like I’m going to have to go back to grab a black and white. Hope they won’t be sold out!

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