Smoked and Stacked

Smoke and Stacked | DC

I have friend at work that I love having lunch with because she’s always eager to try someplace new.  It’s so easy to fall in the typical chain trap, so when you find a new place, it’s like a little lunch vacation.  That’s what happened yesterday at Smoked and Stacked.  I noticed this place a few weeks ago while walking around on my lunch hour and made a mental note to come back to try it.  This unassuming sandwich shop features a small menu of smoked meat sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.  But don’t be put off by the limited options.   There’s nothing I love more than a restaurant that chooses to have a small menu and focuses on making it great. 

Smoke and Stacked | DC

If that was Smoked and Stacked’s idea, it worked!  My friend and I both ordered the Chicky Chick and it was delicious!  The Chicky Chick is a pulled chicken sandwich on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and red onion.  The chicken had a subtle smoky flavor and was very juicy.  It passed the smile test.  I always get a little giggly when I eat something good.

Smoke and Stacked | DC

My friend also ordered the potato salad.  I will admit, I’m not really a fan of potato salad.  I’m  don’t eat eggs (never liked them) and tend to prefer a mustard base, however, I really liked this one.  The salad had a really good flavor.  I’m still trying to decide what the tangy flavor is (pickle brine maybe?), I really enjoyed it.  If I had to be picky, I would say that the potatoes could be cooked  just a few minutes longer.  I don’t like my potatoes super firm.

I’m so glad that this place is within walking distance from my office because I’m looking forward to trying another one of their sandwiches, or better yet, splurging for a yummy breakfast Sammy!

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