Friday Things

Skyline Drive, VA

As I walked to the Metro this morning, I could hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet while wearing my headphones.  Although it was in the 70s yesterday, it’s finally looking like fall.  I love walking through crunchy leaves and watching the colors change.  The picture above is from a day trip last year when I traveled down Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Valley.  If you are ever in the region, it’s definitely worth a side trip.

This week has been an interesting one.  I’m still deliberating on whether or not to become a foster parent.  I’m leaning towards not being one which opens up new levels of emotions.  I’m being forced to seriously think about what my limits are emotional as well as strengths and weaknesses of being a parent and role model for another child.  Such a heavy topic for a Friday!

In more fun news, I’ve started a letter exchange with a new friend.  Actually, it’s more like elaborate texts in letter form, but its a lot of fun.  I miss the fine art of letter writing and we’ve managed to write short letters that minutes to send instead of days or weeks. Well, maybe a few hours.  We’re putting a lot of thought into these letters!

This weekend I’m going to tackle apple butter pie.  I tried it for the first time ever at Buttercream Bakeshop  and now I’m obsessed with trying it myself. Also, I would go back just for the german chocolate ho-ho and horchata.  Both were delicious.

Tonight I’m checking out a closing exhibit at Blind Whino, an awesome gallery space in SouthWest DC (go there!).  Saturday I’m going to introduce yet another friend to Jos A. Magnus, my new favorite distillery.   Honestly, you won’t find a group of people this nice and this passionate about what they do.


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