I love food trucks. Correction, I love the concept of food trucks. I even thought of starting one myself, but I don’t eat at food trucks. Until now. Thanks to all the foodies on Instagram, I saw the most mouthwatering hot dog and tracked it down. It belonged to Swizzler. A food truck. I followed them on twitter and tracked their location on a daily basis. Last week they were a 20-min walk away from my office so I went. I was pretty happy actually because I was hoping that the walking would burn off a few calories!

They only serve four types of hot dogs, so for my first visit, I decided to keep it simple and ordered the Jersey Dawg which had sauerkraut, sweet onion and deli mustard on a pretzel bun. And I had truffle fries with parmesan cheese on the side. The hot dog was spiral cut which I didn’t understand at first until I took a bite. Every bite had a bit of ‘kraut, onion and mustard. It was delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything so quickly. With the exception of bacon. The hot dog was fried, the bun soft and the fries perfectly crisp. I have to show to two pics just so you can see how delicious it is.

Jersey Dawg | Swizzler | Washington, DC

Jersey Dawg | Swizzler | Washington, DC

After that visit, I thought I was able to check that food truck off my list and move on to my next food adventure. I was wrong. I thought about that hot dog for days. I had to go back and took a co-worker with me. Went to the same location which again was a 20-minute walk away. This time I had the Feast Mode with whipped goat cheese, caramelized onions, candied jalapeno and black pepper honey on a pretzel bun. And with truffle fries with parmesan. When I was at the counter, I noticed that they had a punch card which I quickly took and they guy actually gave me an extra punch for the first dog I had.

Feast Mode | Swizzler | Washington, DC

Feast Mode | Swizzler | Washington, DC

I can’t say that the Feast Mode was better than the Jersey Dawg because they were equally delicious. I’m not one for overly spicy foods, but the candied jalapeño was a perfect complement to the caramelized onions. This time, I think I took a breath between bites, but still finished much sooner than my co-worker. This food truck has definitely won my hot dog lovin’ heart. Now I just have to pace myself to make sure that I don’t fill this punch card too quickly!

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