During my mother’s visit, we were lucky enough to have a girl’s night out.  Miles was invited to a birthday sleepover, so it was time for us to hit the town.  We must have spent an hour on Yelp reviewing menus trying to decide where to go.  We both had particular tastes and they didn’t match.  Until I came across Kinship in Shaw.  I’ve wanted to try this place, but haven’t made my way around.  We looked at the menu and both of our eyes stopped on the lobster French toast.  There wasn’t much of a description, but we were intrigued enough that we knew we needed to go.

When we arrived (without a reservation), we were told that there was going to be a 90-minute wait.  I don’t mind sitting at the bar, but that area was full.  We were allowed to sit at one of the high-tops that only serves cocktails and dessert where we could stay until a space at the bar became available.  As we ordered our drinks two spots opened up and we quickly moved to the open seats.  My mom had a vodka on the rocks and I ordered a Latin version of a Moscow mule that had mezcal, ginger beer and lime.  I love, love mezcal and this cocktail was delicious.

Kinship | Shaw | Washington, DC

For dinner, we ordered two appetizers (which served as dinner for us).  I’ll go first. I had the Hoppin’ John which was rice with braised beet greens, black eyed peas, crispy tete de conchon (which is basically crispy pigs head) with pork sauce and thinly sliced lardon.  Ok, so if you’re not a big fan of pork, you may not want to order this, but since I’m a lover of bacon and most pork items, I absolutely loved it! The tete de conchon was very flavorful and the lardon literally melted in my mouth. While the portion of rice and beans were small, they were cooked perfectly and still filling.

Kinship | Shaw | Washington, DC

My mom ordered, of course, the lobster French toast which was served with Asian pear, cucumber, and sesame mousse.  This was decadent.  I can’t even go into describing how it tasted.  That’s how good it was.  Everything came together perfectly with each bite.  We kept nibbling off of each other’s plates.

Kinship | Shaw | Washington, DC

We debated on dessert, but I decided to go with a simple cheese plate which was served with marcona almond and apricot jam.  My server also paired a lovely desert wine to go with the cheese which tasted like a cross between a port and a sauterne.

Kinship | Shaw | Washington, DC

Kinship | Shaw | Washington, DC

My budget won’t allow me to come here every week because I would if I could, but I will be bringing all of my out of town visitors here!

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