Friday Things

Animal Collective - 9:30 Club, DC

What a good start to a Friday.  Last night Miles played in his first fall concert.  He joined the jazz band this year and is playing the saxophone. I should clarify,  Miles picked up the sax for the first time in June and now he just finished his first concert and his first solo.  Talk about a happy momma!!  My mom even flew in town to watch.  I think we were both beaming.

Now I will spend the rest of the weekend with my mom and Miles eating until she leaves.  I’ve already had a pretty good treat week.  One employee went to NYC and brought back a cookie from Levain Bakery.  I’ve been dying to try one and now I have.  It was scrumptious.  Another coworker went to NYC and brought me a black and white cookie from a bodega.  My favorite kind!  For me, black and white cookies don’t have to be fancy.  Look to the cookie πŸ™‚

Tonight it’s dinner at Matchbox in Barrack’s Row where we will eat yummy brick over pizza, Saturday breakfast bagels from Bullfrog, then Miles heads out for a birthday sleepover and it’s girls night out for mom and I.  

I think I may take her to Jos A Magnus for a pre-dinner cocktail.

This will be a nice distraction before I come back to reality after her departure and contemplate whether or not to become a foster parent.  It’s something I never thought I would do especially as a single mom.  I can barely afford my own kid, but I can’t stand to see another suffer because he’s caught up in an unfortunate family situation.  And he’s my son’s best friend, so I know what great kid he is!

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