Friday Things

Copy Cat DC

A Manhattan and goldfish.  This is how I started my weekend.  Thursday’s the new Friday right?

It’s been such a week of ups and downs.  I’m super bummed that I wasn’t able to post every day this week.  Someone needs to eat out more!  I am going to Swizzler for lunch again today for another hot dog.  I’m pretty excited.

My new hot dog craving has inspired me to make my own pretzel dogs.  I can see it now, dipping it in brown mustard or cheese sauce.  Yum…..

A friend of mine also challenged me to make something called a Hot Brown that originated in Louisville, Kentucky. It sounds to me like a deconstructed croque monsieur. It’s an open-faced baked sandwich with smoked turkey, mornay sauce, parmesan cheese, and bacon.  Ok, maybe it isn’t so much like the croque.  I just can’t think of any other sandwich with a cream sauce.   Whatever it is, it sounds pretty awesome and I want it.  Now.

Between the hot dog and this amazing sounding high-calorie sandwich, I will spend the rest of the weekend, cleaning and try to burn a few calories.  Time to get the bike finally tuned up for a little fall bike riding.  Or maybe I will go to the museum. I need so see something pretty.


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