Friday Things


A baseball game and lots of food.  This is what I hope to do tonight.

But first, I’m hosting an event at work for Think Pink, an organization started by a group of high school girls to raise breast cancer awareness.  We’re lighting our towers pink for the month of October and the girls are coming to our building for the tower lighting. 

The game starts at 7pm.  Sun down is at 7pm.  I will be late for the game, but it’s for a worthy cause, so I’ve advised my friends to go without me, but to be prepared to let me know where all of the good eating spots are.  I plan on eating anything and everything fried!

I’m going to kick off fall in my house by making pumpkin doughnuts this weekend.  It’s something I haven’t tried yet and it sounds pretty good.

I’ve also given more thought to bread baking.  I had a lot of fun making challah (and had some success!).  It may finally be time to try sourdough.

In the past 24 hrs I’ve received emails from two clients wanting to place Christmas orders with edith + ethel.  Although I’ve stopped seeking out new business, I’m very fortunate that they continue to contact me.  Time to start taking inventory!

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