I will fully admit to being one of those people who’ve succumbed to the food porn on Instagram. I post a ton of food pics there myself.  Instagram and Yelp have become two of the biggest tools I use when trying to decide where to eat (I also subscribe to a ton of local food sites).  When I saw ice cream in a waffle from Poppabox  I knew I had to go.

Since it was a short walk from the office, I went with a coworker for lunch.  I had no idea what the regular menu was like.  The menu seemed to be a hodge-podge of everything; sandwiches, Korean food, chicken and waffles, you name it.  I went with the small bulgogi rice bowl. I’m so into that right now.


The meat was tender and flavorful, but I could’ve used a little more sauce.  My co-worker friend had the chicken and waffles.


You could tell that the chicken tenders weren’t homemade, but there were still good and filling.  The waffle was soft, sweet and pliable.  But where was dessert?  I didn’t see ice cream waffles anywhere on the menu. 


It turns out that there is a little shed next door that serves them.  Yes!  I order a caramel swirl chocolate crunch ice cream.  I only asked for one scoop, but it looked like three were in the waffle.  The waffle was nice and warm.  I took a bite. Boy was it good.  I loved the warm waffle with the soft ice cream.  As we took a cab back to the office (don’t judge), I kept saying that there was no way I could finish the whole thing.  By the time we arrived at the front door of our building, I put the last bite in my mouth and had to lick my hand because the ice cream started running through the foil.  I guess I liked it.


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