Terra’s Kitchen | Review + Offer!

Meal delivery kits are so in right now.  They all seem to tout that they are healthy meals, using all natural locally sourced ingredients, easy to make, will walk your dog, do your taxes…ok maybe not, but they do seem to present something that seems too good to be true.  Quick, easy affordable healthy tasty meals. I was lucky enough to be approached by Terra’s Kitchen to try their meal kit service.  Score!

I think the hardest part of this process was trying to figure out what to order. There were so many tasty sounding options (and nice food photography!), but I had to also think of Miles who loves meat, only eats one vegetable (maybe two) and is easing out of his picky eater phase.  I decided to focus on mostly protein heavy meals and ordered a salad for myself. 

I was so glad that I received an email the moment the vessel arrived at my home because it arrived on the hottest day ever.  Fortunately, I work just a few miles from home, so I hopped in an Uber and rushed home to bring the vessel inside.  It was like a perfect climate controlled mini fridge. Once I opened it, I realized that I had nothing to worry about.  This vessel spoke to the inner precisionist in me.Everything was placed neatly in a drawer, individually sealed in recyclable containers, and each ingredient was numbered to correspond with the menu card which had cooking instructions on the back.


Each item also listed a “best by” date which helped with meal planning. Everything looked so fresh.  It was as if I went shopping that day to buy the ingredients.


And returning the vessel was a cinch.   They provide a pickup date and you just peel off the original shipping label (the new one is underneath) and leave it on your doorstep.  They’ll shoot you an email to let you know they’ve picked it up.

Now let’s talk about the food!  Here’s a breakdown of what I made:

Kale Caesar Salad. This was really a salad for two, but since Miles doesn’t like kale, it became a big lunch salad for one!  Kale salads are one of my favorites and I loved the addition of chickpeas.  The Caesar dressing was creamy, yet light and full of flavor, and a Caesar wouldn’t be a Caesar without shaved parmesan.  Good job!


Cheesesteak Sliders. Skirt steak, red and green peppers, and onions mixed with pesto and shredded parmesan cheese. I decided to make these for lunch.  I knew two would be more than enough for me, but with Miles being a growing teenager eating everything he can get his hands on, I made some fries as a side dish for him. When I began to put the sliders together I realized this was a large portion of steak!  So much so, that we were definitely full from sliders and had a little steak left over to whip up a little steak and eggs for Miles the next morning.  I loved the idea of mixing fresh pesto with the pepper and onions.  It added another level of flavor to what could’ve been a pretty basic slider. It’s was a very efficient move on their part because it provided a flavorful way to add a little kick to the dish without the added expense of shipping fresh herbs or expecting the customer to have a fully stocked spice drawer (I’m guessing).  Another win!


Chuck’s Pasta Party Bowl. Ground chuck and orzo pasta with leeks, feta cheese, and spinach.  Again, I’m appealing to a mono-veggie meat eater, so I carefully chose dishes that had at least one or two ingredients that I knew he would like.  In this case, ground chuck was a no brainer, he loves feta and will eat spinach…sometimes.  This was another filling tasty dish.  I loved the blend of feta, dill, and spinach.  I reminded me of some of my favorite Greek dishes. I think I would make this again on my own and substitute the ground chuck for ground lamb and add a little more feta. Not bad!


Kale Corn Succotash over Cheesy Chicken.  Sautéed chicken breast with kale, corn, tomatoes and warm goat cheese.  I think this was my favorite dish.  I would never have thought to put these ingredients together myself. I loved the goat cheese with the succotash!  The goat cheese again added another layer of flavor. The chicken was juicy (I got lucky) and the meal was very light yet filling. For just 413 calories, I felt like I was easily eating a 700+ calorie dish that took an hour to make.  My favorite thing about this meal is that it was filling and there wasn’t a carb in sight. A definite win!


What I liked most about making these meals was the simplicity.  Each dish took 30 minutes or less to prepare.  It was extremely helpful to have everything already prepped and portioned out.  All of the dishes I chose required nothing more than a simple sauté which really helped cut cooking time in half. This service also allowed me to choose dishes I wouldn’t typically make on my own because they would require ingredients that I wouldn’t use completely and may go to waste or would require too much prep time for a work week meal.

If I had a chance to make these dishes again, would I change anything?  Maybe. With these recipes, just like most recipes, you don’t always have to follow the rules. These meals provide a great foundation that are great on their own or allows you to make them your own.  Either way, I enjoyed the meals I ordered and will definitely use this service again. I’ve already signed up! If you would like to give Terra’s Kitchen a try, check out their site.  It’s simple to sign up and I guarantee, you will spend a long time staring at the yummy, filling and healthy options. And if you use NEUROTIC30 when you check out, you’ll get $30 off your first order!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Terra’s Kitchen.  The opinions and text are all mine.


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