Friday Things

& pizza | neurotic baker
I survived the first week of high school!   Overnight I have a son who’s walking a mile from the school bus toting a saxophone, and making plans to take the Metro to hang out with friends after school because it’s Friday.  What a difference a summer makes!

It also means that it’s pizza Friday, so no matter what he eats while with his friends we will end up at &pizza for dinner. Pizza Friday has been a family tradition now since he was about 5 and I think it’s going to last until he goes to college πŸ™‚

We also have big weekend plans.  We’re finally going to check out the Iceberg exhibit at the Building Museumonly after heading to Bethesda Bagels for breakfast first.  I went there a few weeks ago and they make a mean bagel sandwich!

With the heat picking up again, I’ve been thinking about ice cream and found that Ice Cream Jubilee has an obscene ice cream volcano that puts a scoop of ice cream in a ginormous chocolate chip cookie that’s inside a waffle cone bowl.  Of course, it’s topped with caramel and chocolate sauce.

And then there’s baking.  I still have pecan sandies cookies left over from my ice cream.  I’m going to see if I can turn into a cake!

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