Another night out with another dear friend.  After having drinks and charcuterie at Rusted Crow, we decided to go to Standby by for dinner. Standby is located downtown, a short walk away from Ford Field and Comerica Park.  It’s nestled in what’s turned into a very cool artist alley.  The walls are covered in art, and there are lights strung throughout.  I really love it. 

Standby | neurotic baker

Anyway, we sat down and order a Manhattan. 

Standby | neurotic baker

It was a great start, but I realized as a stared at the small yet delicious looking menu, there was no way I was going to be able to eat a full meal after filling up on meat and cheese.  My eyes immediately zoned in on the Brussels sprouts and elote, which are two of my favorite sides dishes.  I also had my eye on the burger, but I would have to save that for another visit.

Standby | neurotic baker

The Brussels sprouts were pretty amazing.  They were roasted in a tamarind sauce and topped with chopped cashews.  I smiled with every bite.

Standby | neurotic baker

I loved how the elote was served.  For those of you who don’t know, elote is basically a Mexican street food, well at least that how I saw it when I lived in Chicago.   There were a ton of elote carts and I feel like I’ve eaten at all of them.  Elote is corn on the cob that is covered with either mayonnaise or crema, rolled in cotija cheese and topped with chili powder.  I’ve seen it served on the cob and in a bowl.  This was served on the cob, but sliced with a skewer inserted so you wouldn’t make a huge mess while eating.  It really hit the spot.

I have to say however my favorite thing about this place, was its diversity.  There was a mix or race, age, sexual orientation and anything else you could think of.  It was nice to see in my hometown.



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  1. I’m at the point now, where I like to come home and eat my way through the city!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love that you have a section on here for Detroit restaurants!! I need to find this place and try it out.

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