Friday Things – Detroit Edition

The Rusted Crow | neurotic baker

With a 5am start time and 8hr drive, I’ve finally reunited with Miles in Detroit!!!  It’s been 7 1/2 weeks since I put him on  a plane to his dad’s, but it feels like an eternity.  I was convinced that he would be taller when I saw him again, and he is!  We see eye to eye now.  

After hugging him for about an hour, we hopped in the car with my folks and headed to Lafayette Coney Island for chili dogs and fries.  

Lafayette Coney Island | neurotic baker

This was just the beginning of my eating trip as the next stop was to Dilla’s Delights for doughnuts, charcuterie at Rusted Crow and brussels sprouts at Standby.

Standby | neurotic baker

And this is only the beginning.  I’m heading to Spencer in Ann Arbor for lunch, hanging out in Hamtramck tonight and then brunch at Dime Store Saturday.   In between all of this eating, I might check out the Dream Cruise and of course, make a stop by The Detroit Institute of Arts (one of my favorite museums).  So much to do before driving back Sunday and getting Miles ready for high school next week!

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