Thai Singha House

Sometimes the best meals can be found at the most unassuming places. A perfect example would be Thai Singha House in Philly. My friend and I were wandering around the university district looking for dinner. This dark looking restaurant with a simple neon sign sitting in a storefront of an apartment building originally caught our eye.

We actually stopped at a Mexican place, but didn’t want to stay for dinner, so we found ourselves wandering back to Thai Singha. When we entered, the place was totally empty. Somehow we took that as a good sign. Within 15 minutes or so, the place began to fill up and there were lots of to-go orders. Again, a good sign.

Thai Singha House | neurotic baker

I was pretty hungry, so I started with the spring rolls. They were pretty straight forward as far as spring rolls go.

Thai Singha House | neurotic baker

My friend talked me into sharing a papaya salad with tofu (there was a shrimp option but he’s a vegetarian), and I was more than skeptical. I was expecting some sort of fruit cup in salad form. Oh boy was I happily surprised! The papaya was shredded and crispy and the dressing was light and had a citrus flavor. Even though I don’t really like tofu I tried it anyway. I still don’t like it. I think I need super firm tofu.

Thai Singha House | neurotic baker
Thai Singha House | neurotic baker

Anyway, on to the main course. Massaman. This is by far my favorite dish. I love the light coconut curry sauce with peanuts and chicken. It was served with a scoop of rice that I should have just dumped in my bowl. Actually, I should’ve ordered the sticky rice so it would be easier to eat with chopsticks. I ended up eating with like soup with a spoon. It didn’t matter. It was delicious and I ate then entire bowl.

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