When Miles went to Philadelphia for his class trip a few years ago, he had his first Philly cheese steak sandwich and took a selfie as proof.

ishkabibbles | neurotic baker

I’ve made two, day trips there on my own since moving back to the east coast (DC is really the south I guess) and have tried a couple of cheese steaks on my own. For my first weekend stay in the city, I didn’t really need to try another one, but Miles wanted me to get one and recreate the selfie he took a few years ago. Well, “the Dude abides” (Big Lebowski reference) and I needed to fulfill his request. But where? During one of my many Uber rides over the weekend, my friend and I struck up a conversation with our driver who was a Philly native and asked him where he would go. Without hesitation he said Ishkabibbles. I was instantly sold by the name. He recommended that I get the cheese steak with both American and Cheez Whiz, onions and sweet peppers that were cooked with the steak.

ishkabibbles | neurotic baker

This was by far my favorite cheese steak! It was freshly cooked, juicy and flavorful. And the hoagie was super soft and chewy. Just look at it!

ishkabibbles | neurotic baker

My friend didn’t think that I would finish the whole thing, but I’m pretty sure that once the sandwich was in my hands, it never touched the wrapper again. I would highly recommend this place if you’re ever on South Street.

ishkabibbles | neurotic baker

And I took a selfie just for Miles.

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