Friday Things

Brasserie Beck | neurotic baker

Woohoo it’s Friday!!!

This is my second to last free weekend before Miles comes home and I’m going to Philly!  My goal is to eat as much local food as possible.

Now that it’s cooled off a bit, I will begin to put my oven to use again in full force and will make as many berry desserts as possible before it’s too late.

And for the days hot days, I’m finally going to break out my new ice cream maker and make this yummy sounding choco malt cacao chip ice cream.

While Miles is away for the summer, I try to do a lot of “summer” cleaning where I clean out all of the closets and try to get rid of or store any toys he no longer plays with.  This year, it’s all about condensing thousands of Lego bricks into Ziploc bags while reserving the figures.  I have a project in mind for those.

I’ve also spent a lot of time catching up on my Netflix shows.  If you’re into retro 80s scifi/suspense, please check out Stranger Things.  It’s pretty awesome!

When I get back from Philly, I think I’m going to beg my friend to help me make this Mexican grilled corn.  He’s like the corn whisperer when it comes to finding the freshest corn around.


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