Apple Galette with Ginger

Apple Galette with Ginger | neurotic baker

Apple Galette with Ginger | neurotic baker

Whenever I go out of town for any length of time, I like to get rid of any perishable foods I have laying around.  No one likes to come home to moldy bread!   I did have a few apples sitting on the counter that has seen better days and I thought about tossing them out since I was leaving town the following day.  Then I thought, why not be a gracious guest and bring a homemade baked good.  I chopped up the apples and made an apple galette with ginger.

I love making galettes.  You don’t have to worry about making the pie crust nice and pretty because it’s going to be “rustic”.  Well, mine is semi-rustic.  Since I have been known to be overly neat, I like to make my galettes in a tart pan, so it still retains it rustic personality, but without being too messy.

This galette could’ve used a bit more apple, but since I only had about four small ones, I made do.  It was still very tasty and pretty.  I packed it as carefully as I could and took it with me to NYC.  My friend and I had a slice every morning with coffee as we sat on her balcony overlooking the city.  How lovely.

Apple Galette with Ginger

Galette Filling

  • 3 medium apples of your choice (, sliced about 1/8 inch thick (I used honey crisp, granny smith and Fuji))
  • 4 tablespoons packed dark brown sugar ((or to taste))
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • ¼ teaspoon ground ginger
  • Dash of salt
  • 2 tablespoons butter

Pie Crust

  • 1 ¼ cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 stick ((4oz) unsalted butter (chilled and cut into small pieces))
  • ¼ cup ice water
  • 9 inch tart pan ((optional))
  • Egg wash
  • Turbinado sugar

Make the filling

  1. Combine sliced apples, brown sugar and flour until well combined. Set the bowl aside and while you make the crust.

Make the crust

  1. In a food processor add flour, salt and sugar. Pulse to combine. Add the butter and pulse until coarse crumbs appear (approximately 30 seconds). Slowly add iced water and pulse just until the dough comes together. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and gently knead a few times until the dough comes together. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for 30 minutes.

Bake the pie

  1. Preheat the oven to 375°. On a lightly floured surface and roll out to at least one inch larger than a tart pan. Pour the apple filling onto the crust. Pour juice over aples and dot with the 2 tablespoons of butter. Carefully fold over the crust and place the galette on a sheet pan. If desired, brush egg wash over crust and sprinkle with turbinando sugar and bake for approximately 45-50 minutes or until the juices start to bubble in the middle of the galette.

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