Columbia Room

I met up with an old friend last night for drinks.  It was a long overdue hangout.  He’s a huge fan of rooftop bars and put the onus on me to find a spot.  Such pressure!  I really couldn’t think of anything that was nearby, so we started looking at the bar map on yelp for interesting destinations.  We both liked Columbia Room in Shaw and hopped in a taxi.  We used to spend many summer nights hanging out in Shaw during its Hogo and Passenger era but haven’t been in a long time.  Well, this gem of a place was located in an alley which is somewhat common for this area (go to Sundevich), but this was an entirely new experience.  This alley in particular, had a few crossroads and was filled with coffee shops, bars, and even a cold pressed juice place. 

Columbia Room | neurotic baker

We arrived at the entrance of Columbia Room and informed the host that we didn’t have reservations, but wanted to sit at the bar.  He guided us upstairs to the coziest, quaint, adorable rooftop bar.  It was still a little warm out, so we took a peek inside.  It was dark, brooding, full of leather chairs and made me feel like I was at a gentlemen’s club from the 1900s. 

Columbia Room | neurotic baker

We decided to go back outside where we were informed that the outdoor bar was more of a punch garden.  If we wanted to order more conventional cocktails we would have to do so inside.  We opted for the punch and had a Manhattan Project #2.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what was in it, I can only tell you that it was like a Manhattan + and I had two.

Columbia Room | neurotic baker

For our next cocktail punch, we tried a carbonated Spritz’n’Stormy.  It was like a Dark and Stormy, but with vodka.  Another hit!  After a couple of these, it was definitely time for a snack. 

Columbia Room | neurotic baker

They had mouthwatering charcuterie options, but my friend isn’t a fan, so I ordered the breadsticks with honey.  It was as simple as it sounds.  It was something to tie me over until we headed to Chaplin’s for dinner. 

Columbia Room | neurotic baker

I love discovering new places and I think I really found a great new regular hang out with Columbia Room.


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