Provision 14

Ah, brunch time again. One of the little pleasures in life that I’m able to take advantage of while Miles is away for the summer.  I met up with a friend from my last job and prepared myself for an afternoon of eating at Provision 14. What first attracted me to Provision 14 was the fried chicken and funnel cake.  Need I say more?  I also noticed that they had a pound cake French toast, but I wasn’t sure that I was up for such decadence.  While I waited for my friend to find parking, I ordered a bloody mary. 

Provision 14 | neurotic baker

They actually had a bloody mary with bacon infused vodka, but unfortunately, they were sold out of it, as well as the fried chicken and funnel cake.  This told me two things: one, start brunch earlier than 2:30pm and two, I must come back to try both items, since they were sold out.  Once my friend arrived, we ordered the bottomless pressed mimosas with lavender.

Provision 14 | neurotic baker

Mimosa’s served in a French press was definitely a novelty, but they were good. Unfortunately the lavender never really came through.  I think it might be better to try to infuse the lavender with the orange juice ahead of time.

Provision 14 | neurotic baker

We were both in the mood for a little something sweet and savory so naturally, we ordered pancakes with bacon and a burger with bacon and tomato jam. But first the pancakes.  One the plate, they looked a little on the thin side and not very special.  But that was until I took a bite and found them to be very flavorful and light and fluffy. Definitely a solid choice.

Provision 14 | neurotic baker

The burger exceeded my expectations.  I’m always leery of large tall buns.  It always comes across to me as compensating for a potential lackluster burger.  Not here!  For a medium-well burger, it was tender, juicy and well seasoned.  The jam was also pretty darn good.  I’m usually cheeseburger girl, but I didn’t even miss it.  Well done!


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