Pizza Waffle

Pizza Waffle | neurotic baker

Pizza Waffle | neurotic baker

Pizza Waffle | neurotic baker

I think I should file this pizza waffle recipe under college eats.  I have a friend who teases me that when Miles goes away I eat like a college student.  It’s true!  I will fully admit to having creamed spinach with tortilla chips for dinner last night.  It totally tasted like spinach dip!

But back to the pizza waffle.  Lately, I’ve kept a tube of croissant dough in the fridge just as a backup when testing out a recipe.  I was seriously staring at it last night.  I didn’t want to bake a batch of rolls for dinner, but the only other items I saw in my fridge were condiments.  Until I looked way in the back.  There was still a little bit of 4 Italian cheese blend and pepperoni left from the last time Miles and I made pizzas for dinner before he left for the summer.  For everyone’s sake, I won’t tell you when he left!

I had a mini-epiphany of using all of these ingredients in the waffle maker.  I love making just about anything in the waffle maker.  I was able to have a delicious hot pizza-like food without using the oven.  I’m still on a personal quest of using the stove as little as possible while he’s gone.  Baking? Sure. But not cooking.

My only regret with this dish is that no one thought of this when I was in college 5, 10, 15, it really doesn’t’ matter how long ago it was, what’s important is I’ve given Miles and alternative to Ramen when he’s thinking of dinner ideas in the dorm.

Pizza Waffle

  • 1 tube of crescent roll dough ((should made 8 rolls))
  • pizza sauce (, or whatever peaks your imagination)
  • bag of shredded mozzarella cheese (, or you favorite cheese blend)
  • pepperoni ((optional))
  • waffle maker
  1. Heat the waffle maker to the manufacturer’s instructions. Unroll the crescent dough and lightly roll it into a rectangle. Cut the dough in half so you will have two squares. Place one of the squares on the waffle maker and spread lightly with as much sauce as you like. Sprinkle with as much cheese as desired and top with pepperoni. Place the remaining dough square on top and close the waffle maker cooking it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove, let cool slightly, cut and enjoy!!

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