Grandville Moore’s

Granville Moore’s is an earthy, cozy dark mussels and Belgian beer spot on H Street.  So it’s only natural that my friend and I went there for fried food.  My friend’s a vegetarian and I don’t like mussels, but I do love frites with mayo!

Grandville Moore's | neurotic baker

We ordered a basket of frites with horseradish mayo and chipotle mayo.  Need I say more?  The frites are tender with a light crisp and perfectly salted.

Grandville Moore's | neurotic baker

For our second nosh, we ordered arancini which is risotto balls with wild mushrooms, English pea pesto, ricotta and lemon zest.  It was funny, the serving only came with three balls, so we were both trying to be diplomatic over who would get the third one and finally shared it.  We could have easily eaten two servings each!  I never noticed their bacon cheese burger on the menu, so I will be making a trip back.  Very. Soon. 🙂

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