Maketto is a fabulous sneaker store, meets restaurant, meets coffee on the new trendy H Street in DC.  I’ve been there for coffee many times but never dined.  The menu is a cross between Cambodian and Taiwanese and everything looks delicious.  It’s funny, the one dish I’ve heard people talking about the most is their fried chicken.  I had to check out the menu and was all set until I saw how much it cost.  Twenty-five dollars for fried chicken and bread.  That’s it.  As a girl who’s grown up with southern fried chicken from my grandmothers that would rival anyone, I found it very difficult to pay $25 for fried chicken.  It’s not like mac and cheese where you can justify the cost by elevating the ingredients ie, truffles, exotic cheese etc.  This is friend chicken people. 

Well a few months ago, the Chef from Maketto decided to sell a slider version of this chicken for two weeks at Shake Shack for $6.  I will totally pay six bucks and waited in line with about 50 other people the first day it was available.  I must say, that the chicken sandwich was delicious.  I mean really delicious.  I was simple yet bursting with Asian flavors.  I loved this sandwich so much, that I refused to drink water afterwards because I wanted the flavors to linger as long as possible.

I struggled for weeks over whether or not I would break down and dine at the restaurant since the sandwich was no longer available.  While my parents were in town last week, I finally broke down and took them with me.

Maketto | neurotic baker

We started off with cocktails (of course) and I had my new obsession, the Manhattan.  It was straight forward, yet tasty.

Maketto | neurotic baker

Then we moved on to the beef steam bao with hoisin on the side.  The bao’s were a first for my folks, but they really enjoyed them.

Maketto | neurotic baker

Next to arrive were the gruyere dumplings over a lightly spicy braised beef and sliced red chilis.  Since gruyere is one of my favorite cheeses, I automatically loved this dish.  The beef was perfectly seasoned and we loved it so much that we ordered another serving at the end of our meal!

Maketto | neurotic baker

Now for what I’ve been waiting for, the Maketto fried chicken and bread.  It was just as delicious as I remembered.  Crispy, juicy, sweet, and tangy.  The flavors filed every bite.  Once the plate was in front of me, I realized that there was no way I could eat it all on my own which later helped justify the cost of the dish.  Of course, my dad said he could’ve had it as a meal.

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