New City Microcreamery

New City Microcreamery1

During my Massachusetts vacation, I spent half of the week in Cambridge and half in Berlin. Berlin for me was like staying in the country. I was in the country. I was surrounded by farmland and forests and it was heavenly! During the day I sat on the front porch, working on my laptop while drinking coffee and staring at the trees. At night, it was all sunsets and stargazing. I could even see Mars a few nights. We did make a few outings into town for dinner and dessert. One of the places was New City Microcreamery in Hudson.

New City Microcreamery

I don’t have enough words to gush about this ice cream shop. Everything looked delicious. The make their ice cream in small batches and chill them with liquid nitrogen. The flavors range from chocolate chip to fennel pistachio, to salted caramel with pineapple and coconut. You can also add a “gravy” of “hawt” fudge, blackberry balsamic or strawberry jam, and don’t get me started on the toppings (funk) that ranged from orange olive oil cake crumbles to cornflakes, to chocolate sprinkles.

New City Microcreamery2

For my first visit, I kept it relatively simple with a scoop of vanilla bourbon with hawt fudge and corn flaky junk. It was fantastic! It was a pretty large scoop, but I had no trouble finishing it. The vanilla bourbon was nice and creamy, just perfect.

New City Microcreamery3

I ended up going again the next night with the birthday boys where I had a scoop of chocolate chip in a waffle cone with tooti fruity on top. Again, very delicious and surprisingly not hard to finish after having a very large dinner. The scoop was very large and they gave me the tooti fruity on the side. I never thought of myself as a country living girl, but I could be knowing that I would have access to such a delicious place only minutes away.

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