The Salty Pig

The Salty Pig | Boston

Tonight was girls’ night out with a dear friend from Chicago who’s now living in Cambridge. This lady and I both love charcuterie and were looking for a good place in either Cambridge or Boston to dine. We decided to try The Salty Pig. We were tempted by the title of the restaurant alone! The Salty Pig is part charcuterie, part pizza, part pasta spot. We chose a prosciutto di parma, chorizo, and pate provenΓ§al, and allowed our server to select the cheeses, one cow, one sheep, and one goat. We also ordered olives, marcona almonds, fig jam and smoked shallot marmalade, then split a bottle of the cheapest yet decent bottle of red. Turns out it’s a better bargain than ordering by the glass. You learn something new every day!

The board looked heavenly when it arrived at our table, but we both started laughing when we noticed that there were only four small slices of baguette. We could easily finish that with two shmears of pate alone. Luckily we didn’t have to ask our server for more because the bread just kept coming. We were pretty thankful as we both love our carbs and didn’t want to embarrass ourselves by constantly asking for bread. Everything was delicious and I think the only thing that made my meal even better was the company. It was so nice spending time with an old friend.

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