Monster Hunter Felyne Birthday Cake

Monster Hunter Felyne Birthday Cake

The Monster Hunter Felyne birthday cake marks the fifth sculpted cake I’ve made for Miles since moving to DC. I don’t think anyone is happier than this lady that I only have to do them once a year. I always say that I’m going to practice during the year, but I never do and then argue with myself while making the cake cursing for not practicing while at the same time patting myself on the back for not doing such a bad job. No judging!

Monster Hunter Felyne Birthday Cake1

Miles’ selection this year came from a video game called Monster Hunter. I think this marks his fourth video game themed cake following Sonic, Minecraft, Pokemon, and Zelda. I used to think that the most simple design was going to be the easiest until I realized that with simple shapes, your craftsmanship (or lack thereof) really shines. I was super excited when I was able to put the foundation layer on without it breaking! There were a couple of spots towards the bottom that got a little wonky, but I was still very pleased. As far as the rest of the cake, I hoped for the best. Because I baked the cake ahead of time and kept it frozen, the cake began to sweat after putting on the foundation layer, making the process of adding the other shapes more “challenging”. I quickly put the rest of the cake together and threw my hands up in the air as if I was at the end of a quick fire challenge. Luckily, I’m still dealing with a teenager who’s getting a fancy cake for free and thrilled that his mom bakes, so I can say that he was very happy with the cake.

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