Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant NYC

I debated for about two hours trying to decide if I was going to stop in NYC for a doughnut on my way to Boston.  I knew I would have to drive through the city, but was afraid of being stuck in traffic.  As I approached Elizabeth NJ, traffic didn’t seem that bad, so I quickly changed my GPS directions to Doughnut Plant and thought about all of the doughy goodness that awaited me.  Not only did I make it through the Holland Tunnel within 15 minutes, but found a parking space one block away!

Doughnut Plant NYC

At first, I wasn’t sure what I liked more, the doughnuts or the packaging. After I had my first bite of the raised glazed, I realized that I liked them equally.  The doughnuts were soft and delicious.

Doughnut Plant NYC

The raised glazed looked so good, I bought three of them.  I also bought a cashew, bavarian cream, blackout chocolate and matcha green tea.  I think the matcha was the only doughnut that presented a challenge.  I was good but definitely is an acquired taste.  It was soo pretty though!

Doughnut Plant NYC

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