Friday Things

Birthday Cake | neurotic baker

This is step one in making Miles birthday cake.  I think this was the first year where it wasn’t 100 degrees out and I was able to apply the fondant in one sheet without it breaking!  There were a few tiny little mishaps, but I do this once a year, so I’m not complaining. 

Tonight it’s all about finishing the cake and making two loaves of breakfast bread for the boys who are sleeping over. 

Ever since my friend and I have been eating tater tots when we go out, it’s become my new obsession.  I’m ready to eat them in any form and this tater tot grilled cheese with bacon seems like a good place to start.

I’m also really in a junk food mood, cooking anything in a waffle iron and these buffalo chicken waffles made with puff pastry.

Next week the kid and I are hitting the road to visit friends in Boston and I’m seriously thinking about stopping in NYC for a doughnut if the traffic isn’t too bad.  Or sampling anything roadside that looks interesting.


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