Logan Tavern – Birthday Lunch

As I mentioned earlier, my friend Stef’s birthday was last week, so I took her out to lunch at Logan Tavern.  I’ve only been once before where I had the chorizo burger and totally talked her into trying it.    I decided to try their featured burger, the LT Signature Burger with american cheese, bacon jam, brandied mushrooms, garlic aioli, and pickles.  With fries of course.  And a side order of mac n cheese.  It’s hard to resist a side of mac, because everyone makes it a little differently, and I love cheese almost as much as I love bacon. 

Logan Tavern | Logan Circle

I can’t say enough about this burger.  It was juicy and very flavorful.  I didn’t know where the mushrooms began and the bacon jam ended because everything blended so well.  I usually put the burger down between bites, but this one stayed in my hands the entire five minutes it took me to finish it.  It was just as good as the chorizo burger.  I refuse to say which one I liked better because they were both extremely satisfying. 

Logan Tavern | Logan Tavern

I will admit, I was a little skeptical about the mac and cheese.  It seemed a little dry on top and not very cheesy.  That was until I had the first bite.  It was super creamy and cheesy.  I took alternate bites between that and my burger and tried to be polite and not eat the entire bowl since I was sharing it with the birthday girl.  This was my second successful trip to Logan Tavern and I look forward to going back to trying they rest of the menu.


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